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What is Boston city-wide Alpha?

Among churches in the Boston area there is a growing heart for unity, and an increasing hunger for a great move of evangelism. With this in mind, we are inviting as many churches that desire to come together for a unified Alpha launch across the City of Boston and the surrounding area on the week of September 24th- October 1st. As these Alphas launch in all their various contexts and forms, we will then come together as part of a joint Alpha Holy Spirit Day Away together on Nov. 4th The day will be available for all churches participating in this vision for unity and evangelism to invite more of the Holy Spirit together.


How to participate

If you carry a heart for Evangelism, Alpha, City-Wide Church Unity, and are interested in participating in this Unified Boston launch, we would like to invite you to sign-up below. 

Contact Us - Boston City-Wide Alpha

Thanks for submitting!

Upcoming Events

Vision Night

June 23rd

@ 6pm 

via Zoom

Team Alpha Training Day

 July 29th, August 5th TBD

City-Wide Launch
City-Wide Day Away

The Week of

September 24th

to Oct 1st

Nov 4th

in Lexington, MA.

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