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What is Boston city-wide Alpha?

Among churches in the Boston area there is a growing heart for unity, and an increasing hunger for a great move of evangelism. With this in mind, we are inviting as many churches that desire to come together for a unified Alpha launch across the City of Boston and the surrounding area on the weeks of September 22nd - October 6th.


We will also host a Run Alpha Team Training Day  on August 10th at Symphony Church in Boston. Churches and ministries will be praying together at online gatherings leading up to Alphas launching.


As these Alphas launch in all their various contexts and forms, we will then come together as part of a joint Alpha Day Away in Boston Nov. 16th at Congregation Lion of Judah or in Greater Boston on Nov 2nd at Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA..


The day will be available for all churches and ministries participating in this vision for unity and evangelism to invite more of the Holy Spirit together.

How to participate

If you carry a heart for Evangelism, Alpha, City-Wide Church Unity, and prayer and are interested in participating in this unified Boston launch, we would like to invite you to

sign-up below. 

Contact Us - Boston City-Wide Alpha

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Boston City-Wide Alpha

Vision Night 

Online Monday, June 17th at 6:30pm 

City-Wide Training Day

August 10th at Symphony Church-Boston

City-Wide Day Away

Boston - November, 16th
Congregación León de Judá

Greater Boston- November 2nd
Grace Chapel, Lexington


Image by Mohit Singh
Image by Mark Boss
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