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Explore Alpha

New to Alpha?  Not quite ready to jump in? Come explore why 30,000 churches and organizations around the world have used Alpha as a tool to help reach millions of people to discover Jesus. Explore Alpha introduces you to the story of Alpha and why it works. 

Explore Alpha is run online and is a general overview that will introduce you to Alpha in multiple contexts, including Alpha Youth and Alpha in a Catholic Context. This is a great opportunity for teams, staff an/or decision makers to explore the possibilities of Alpha together! In addition to regularly scheduled events, we are happy to provided custom tailored introductions to a specific church group or organization. Just reach out to anyone on staff to let us know how we can help.If you would like to schedule an Explore Alpha session for your church or organization, please reach out to Lisa or Diahne to plan an event, either online or in person.

Check back often for future Explore Alpha Events

Alpha as part of Church Culture

We believe that Alpha is not just a tool that equips and supports the Church in its mission– more than that, it’s a culture. When churches run Alpha, we see guests’ meet Jesus.

Lives are transformed and also churches are changed and renewed. A culture of hospitality, openness and invitation develops, and leaders are released, creating a transformative effect on society.

One Alpha, Many Contexts

Alpha can be run anywhere; in a church, community center, workplace, bar, nursing home, prison, home or school/campus. The same Alpha can run in many different contexts. Click on the links below to learn more about:

Ready for More?  Run Alpha Training

Run Alpha Training will help you learn how to run Alpha well in any context while preparing you to launch your own Alpha, regardless of your setting. 

Learn more and sign up for available trainings at our events page.

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