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Exciting new book by Fr. James Mallon and Ron Huntley!

In January, coinciding with its launch, Fr. James and Ron spoke about the book and their Alpha experience on a Divine Renovation live podcast. They discuss how Alpha has not only been a powerful tool for evangelization, but has become an integral part of their parish plan for mission.

“Evangelization is the pump that drives everything, and Alpha is a powerful evangelizing process. 

Fr. James Mallon - Divine Renovation


In the interview, Fr. James says that the book “is for those considering or just starting to use Alpha, but also good for those who have already begun.”  It responds to much of the logistical questions that arise after running that first or second Alpha. In addition, it also addresses many of the questions parishes may have when considering Alpha.


“If we evangelize and develop leaders well, we will impact the rest of our parish culture—in everything from outreach and social justice to developing new and life-giving ministries to fostering an ever-deepening love for the sacraments.” 

Ron Huntley - Divine Renovation


Ron addresses this, pointing out that the questions that are being asked [around Alpha] are really good questions but that many often come from misunderstandings and myths. This book helps to bring clarity over misunderstandings and myths. He believes that this book has the power to unify a church around a tool that can have explosive impact on bringing people to Christ and transforming culture – for everyone!

Watching the podcast has me excited about this book, a great tool to help grow an awesome tool! As the parish where I work enters its 3rd year using Alpha, the timing is perfect. Their insights are helpful in positioning Alpha as an integral tool of our pastoral plan and missional goals. After listening to the podcast and reading the book, it is clear that Alpha is positioned as a strong and successful tool for evangelization. Healthy evangelization influences everything and is the key to parish renewal and growth.

Check out the podcast at the Facebook Live book launch.

Copies of the book can be ordered from The Word Among Us Press  or from Amazon.



Diahne Goodwin

Unlock parish.png

Unlocking Your Parish: Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders with Alpha, provides practical insight into how Alpha can help any Catholic parish become an evangelizing, disciple-making, mission-focused community. In this book Fr. James and Ron share what they have learned in using Alpha as an evangelizing tool. Alpha played a key role in the transformation of the Saint Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada, which Fr. James pastored and at which Ron was on the leadership team and on Alpha teams.

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