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Reviving Evangelism

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in the Next Generation

Join us for this special event
with Jordan Biere

National Director Alpha Youth, Alpha USA

Lunch and Workshop
Thursday, August 18 noon - 3 PM

At Grace Chapel, Adult Learning Center, Room 202

2 Militia Drive, Lexington, MA

  • Hear Barna  Research insights around Gen Z

  • Discuss challenges and opportunities

  • Imagine creative strategies to move forward in your ministry

  • Network and collaborate with your peers in ministry, across denominations and backgrounds

  • Come together in Prayer around the Gospel opportunity in front of us!

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Jordan Biere has been a leader in local youth ministries for over a decade and is passionate about serving other youth ministers and leaders to see more young people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus.

$25 per person includes lunch.

To help us plan for the day and serve you well, please register by August 15. 

We are not able to refund cancelations made August 16 or later.

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